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What is the plan?

The main focus of "SAMPOORNAYOGA MISSION" is to transform at least a member of each family a beneficiary of Yoga . Thereby, spreading the goodness of yoga to every single individual.

Ancient Yoga Gurus had excellent knowledge regarding human body as well as mind. Therefore, techniques to boost immunity and mental health had already been described in Yoga science. A person can attain great results by acquiring training methods in yoga that are simple as well as naturl. But, needs effort. The following are the stges of "SAMPOORNAYOGA MISSION": * to make platform for those who wish to learn and practice Yoga. *to encourage learning by sharing the knowledge to those who are unaware about Yoga * and finally, to provide a better standard of living for the yoga teachers -by finding skillful people, -by offering excellent training to those who are eligible enough to teach , -by making them a part of our team.

How does it work?

This plan has three phases.

1# ADIVEDA already has a panel of experienced yoga teachers. Making these teachers a part of this plan asGroup Coordinators is the primary phase.

2# Finding thousand efficient and qualified people from all across Kerala, and appointing them under the above mentioned Yoga Coordinators as "Yoga Volunteer Pramoters" is the next step. People who are aged between 18 to 60 and have expertise (not less than three years) in the defined field with a Government approved Course Certificate are eligible to be a part of it. The next phase is implemented by appointing these people as Yoga Volunteer Pramoters after giving primary training.

3# All these Yoga Volunteer Pramoters need to utilise the work environment to excell. They can contact Coordinators who are appointed to provide instructions as well as guidance to eliminate doubts. It is expected to complete one session in 12-months.

The functionality of SAMPOORNAYOGA MISSION:

* Primarily, Yoga Volunteer Pramoters, who are selected by the Panel of Yoga Coordinators of ADIVEDA, are given intense training.

*Secondly , these Pramoters are appointed in the definitive area of work. Subsequently, they report to ADIVEDA through Coordinators regarding information of Government / Semi-government / Private institutions.

* A detailed e-mail / letter containing the elaborate COURSE details is sent to the designated authority. In addition, another letter is issued acknowledging appointment of a Promoter in the same institution.

* Classes are initiated once we meet the desired number of students in a batch.

*During the course of this YOGA TRAINING PROJECT

a Promoter needs to Complete training for at least four batchss in which each batch should include 30 to 50 aspirants / students (a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 50 students). * Classes can be either online or regular. The complete responsibility about the course will be on Promoters who can even make decisions on time and location of the classe.

Benefits for Pramoters who are appointed to SAMPOORNAYOGA MISSION

The appointed Pramoters will receive an ID card, a Certificate and a set of Study Materials for practice. Additionally, they can charge fees from students as fixed by ADIVEDA. Above all, opportunity to enhance efficiency of training, to become an AYUSH - Certified Trainer and to find domestic and international job opportunities are some of the advantages. They will be awarded PLATINUM / GOLD / SILVER / BRONZE according to the number of students they teach.

Advantages for Students who join SAMPOORNAYOGA MISSION Students will receive ID cards and study materials at the beginning of course and a Certificate will be issued on completion of the course. Best students of each batch will receive special appreciation too. Participants of SAMPOORNAYOGA MISSION will be offered priority while joining Yoga Courses from ADIVEDA. On successful completion of the course, one will receive opportunity to attend national and international Yoga Promotion Programmes conducted by ADIVEDA.

How sign up as a Yoga Promoters in SAMPOORNAYOGA MISSION

You can submit the application through G-Form in website of ADIVEDA. Applicants will receive intimation for interview according to priority. They will be appointed only after the interview. They will undergo primary training prior to appointment. After being designated as Yoga Pramoters, they will receive ID card, Badge and Certificate.

Adiveda Volunteer Promoter Application 2022